The Elixen

The Elixen is the Final Boss mecha appearing in the game Cruise Chaser Blassty (クルーズチェイサー ブラスティー).


The strongest enemy mechanics with 4 arms. Weapons are lasers when in flight form and wide angle lasers in battle form.

Rebellion, On Dinah, El Doran ...... The strongest variant that protects the center of the three stations.

Has strong laser cannon and deformability. Durability is also terrible, attacks other than SWORD, which is a weak point, have little effect. If we do not attack with a weapon over SUPER ALPHA SWORD, we will not have any tooth.

There is only the last enemy in the fossil stone, it is strong and cunning and cool, but after all it is not a humanoid robot ... ....


Transition from battle form to flight form. Although the attack capability decreases, on the other hand, the avoidance / defense capability improves.

Although it is a meaningless deformation mechanism, it actually has the same effect as the shielded condition, and the avoidance rate of attack increases ...... However, for Blassty that has come so far, There is no big difference. It is the same thing that acts in vain one turn.

Transformation 2[]

Deformation from flight form to battle form.

This deformation is completely meaningless. It is the same as the blast tee is unavoidably changed from shooter to gunner. Let's be happy if Elixen transforms.

Laser Cannon[]

Equipped with the tip of Canard, the main laser cannon. It is mainly used in flight form, but unlike battle form, Since only two gates can be used, the overall firepower is inferior.

Although it is supposed to be a laser in terms of settings, it looks like a "large caliber cannon of a live series". Clearly it does not look like an optical laser cannon.

Wide Laser Cannon[]

In addition to the two main gates equipped in Canard, By converging and using the four gates of the arms at the same time, A high power laser cannon that made it possible to attack a wide range.

Shooting firing using the entire gun gate since entering the shooting position. It shows the dignity of Final Boss to fluff.

By the way, Elixex's arm laser cannon can also be used as a laser sword, Unfortunately, it is not adopted for animation.