Horned Owl (Japanese: ホーンドアウル Hōndoauru) or Project: Horned Owl is a Japanese light gun shooting game released for the Sony PlayStation in December 29, 1995. It was developed by Alfa System with animation studio Movic providing the anime cinematics, and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The character and mechanical designs are done by internationally renowned manga artist Masamune Shirow.


The events of the game take place in the somewhat futuristic Metro City, where Horned Owl Armored Mechanized Unit police officers, Hiro Utsumi and Nash Stolar, attempt to take down a terrorist organization known as Metalica.


  • Hiro Utusmi:
  • Nash Tolar:


Powered Suit Design by Shiro Masamune

Project: Horned Owl is a basic arcade-style rail shooter, with the action taking place in a first-person perspective. It has the option of utilizing the PlayStation mouse or the Konami light gun. The gameplay extends from either single-player to two player co-op modes, taking place across five city-based levels, where the player controls a giant mech and fights off a variety of mechanized enemies.

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