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Red Baron (レッドバロン, Reddo Baron) is a Japanese mecha anime spin-off based on the Super Robot Red Baron show in 1973, and first of the Baron Series (ロンシリーズ) tokusatsu trilogy franchise.

It was broadcasted on Nippon TV along with Tokyo Movie Shinsha for 49 episodes between April 5, 1994 to March 28, 1995.


In the future, the world celebrates titanic robots fighting each other anywhere in gladiator events called the "Metal Fight" games. It has become the most popular televised sport in the world and many robot contestants compete for the title of Best Metal Fighter in the World. One fighter named Ken Kurenai aims for the top until he comes across a crimson robot fighter called the "Red Baron" where it is driven to safety by its engineer, Shouko Saeba, whose father was mysteriously abducted in order to steal Red Baron for their own purposes. Now Ken must face an army of other rivals from around the world to uphold his champion title, while assisting Shoko in rescuing her father.