Super Robot Wars (Also known as Super Robot Taisen or SRW) is a series of tactical role playing games produced by the Japanese game company, banpresto, a division of Bandai. The game uses mecha from various manga and anime franchise as well as originals made by Banpresto, that mix them together in a battle simulator with complex plot using the stories of the various series, characters, or background. Another feature is menu screens so simple that they can be understood even if the player knows little to no Japanese.

The very first game of the series was released for the nintendo game boy in 1991. The first animated series to be featured were Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and early incarnations of Mobile Suit Gundam. The first two are creation of famous Japanese anime artist Go! Nagi ,and his production studio called Dynamic studios ,representing the super robots ,while Gundam, by Yoshiyuuki Tomino ,represents real robots. It is tradition for Super Robot Wars games to in clude these three series which fans have dubbed "The Holy Trinity".

Some series ,such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mobile Suit Gundam, are well known world wide while others, such as Heavy Metal L-Gaim and Brave Raideen, are known only in Japan. Because of most of the appeal of the games is the familiarity of the series ,making it's biggest success in Japan although it does have a small yet loyal world wide fan base. It was widely believed that the series would never be translated ,due to the complex license and rights issues (The same problem that jump superstars face) but on March 3 ,2006, Atlus USA released two original generation games. Since the games use original robots and characters by banpresto it didn't face license issues, thus making it the first Super Robot Wars Games to leave Japan.