The mighty Ultra Bee Team Combiner is the combined form of BumblebeeSideswipeStrongarm, and GrimlockDrift is the sword. Unlike other combiners, the Ultra Bee Team Combiner doesn't seem to have a personality of his own, thus his components have to agree on everything in order for the Ultra Bee Team Combiner to do anything. Considering the relationships between certain teammates of his, this can make things singularly awkward for the Ultra Bee Team Combiner at times.


When the Bee Team dogpiled Heatseeker to keep the Stunticon from firing missiles at a nuclear waste disposal site, he fired anyway. The combination of the explosion, ambient radiation, and the Crash Combiner Stunticon at the bottom of the bot-pile resulted in the Autobots being fused briefly into a combined, unconscious form, which quickly wore off.

During the pursuit of Drag Strip, a methane explosion triggered a second merging. The confused Autobots were eventually able to stand up, but decoupled once again when they fell over. Bumblebee later asked Fixit to come up with theories on why they might have combined, and he suggested it was a result of the radiation they absorbed from the nuclear waste site. Fixit later ran tests on Drift and Grimlock to try and determine the nature of the Ultra Bee Team Combiner's combination, but only succeeded in getting the two Autobots stuck together, much to their annoyance. Later he managed to briefly fuse Sideswipe and Grimlock into a "Sidelock" combined form, with Grimlock, to his annoyance, still on the bottom; experimentation resulted in the entire team body-swapping instead of combining. Bumblearm was eventually made as a the first successfully proper combined form.

Team Bee successfully fused into the Ultra Bee Team Combiner to battle Menasor, using Fixit's combination machine while it was hooked up to a satellite's power source. However after the battle was over, Fixit discovered the device wasn't plugged in, implying the combination happened on its own.