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Video Warrior Laserion (ビデオ戦士レザリオン, Bideo Senshi Rezarion) is a Japanese anime series animated by Toei Animation. It aired on TBS from March 4, 1984, to February 3, 1985 for 45 episodes.


In the near future, science and technology have taken rapid strides on Earth to solve its issues such as population, pollution and environmental issues. With Earth cleaned to prosper further, the unified World Government sends its industrial waste and exiled criminals to the Moon and Mars as its urban dump post, which adversely became a dissatisfaction to its inhabitants. One person in the moon army named Dr. Godheid began his revolt against Earth, by creating mass-produced battle robots codenamed "Black Bear" and launching a surprise missile attack that crashed with the Earth Federation's material transmission experiment and test site.

The freak accident from the missile and the experiment would materialize Laserion, a giant virtual electro robot programmed and modelled by a young gaming middle school student named Takashi Katori. Soon he and his classmate/best friend/love interest, Olivia Lawrence find themselves into a severe conflict to protect the Earth and their relationship.